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On-Call Scheduling release notes

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On-Call Scheduling release notes

ServiceNow® On-Call Scheduling product enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

Istanbul upgrade information

Although the On-Call Scheduling upgrade process is automatic, there are several changes you must consider. For details, see Upgrade to on-call scheduling.

New in the Istanbul release

On-call calendar view

A new DHTMLX on-call calendar view replaces the previous view. In addition to providing an on-call manager with the calendar view, it also provides a timeline view of the selected rotation and roster schedules.

The on-call calendar view is enabled by default for instances that are upgrading from any previous release. To switch back to the Geneva and earlier legacy view, set the com.snc.on_call_rotation.show_legacy_calendar property to true. To switch back to the Helsinki view, set the com.snc.on_call_rotation.show_legacy_calendar property to false and the com.snc.on_call_rotation.calendar_macro property to ocf_calendar.xml.

To switch back to the new DHTMLX calendar view, set the com.snc.on_call_rotation.show_legacy_calendar property to false and set com.snc.on_call_rotation.calendar_macro property to on_call.xml.

On-call calendar subscription
On-call calendar subscription URLs can be generated and sent to rota members. Links are sent as an iCal link that rota members can use to subscribe to their on-call calendar from their preferred calendar client.

The Rota form has a new calendar subscription form section to define the weeks or days of on-call coverage to update as part of iCalendar feed.

Note: The end user must provide their ServiceNow instance credentials to authenticate themselves to use the subscription URL to view on-events. Currently, only the Calendar application on Mac OS X 8.0 and later and the Outlook application on Windows 2013 and later support authenticated calendar subscriptions.
Rotation history
The Rota Member form has new From and To fields that enable the rota manager to define the users on-call timings and thereby preserve the rotation history.
Favorite filters
Favorites can be created based on the filters selected.
Request time-off and suggest on-call cover
Users with the itil role can request time-off and suggest the name of the rota member who can provide on-call coverage in their stead if the com.snc.on_call_rotation.pto.approval.required property is true.
On-call properties
The following properties have been introduced:
  • com.snc.on_call_rotation.calendar_macro
  • com.snc.on_call_rotation.support_legacy_spans
  • com.snc.on_call_rotation.pto.approval.required

Changed in this release

  • Calendar display performance: Improvements made to enhance the response time of the on-call calendar.
  • Calendar interaction:
    • Clicking an event opens a pop-up that presents actions based on context.
      • Manage Rota replaces the Add item dialog.
      • Edit Rota action presents the Rota form.
      • Edit span action presents the schedule entry that generated the event.
    • Manage Rota dialog enables start and end dates to be modified for more preciseness.

Activation information

You can activate the On-Call Scheduling plugin if you have the admin role.

Browser requirements

The updated calendar view is available on only Internet Explorer 10 or later. Any older versions of Internet Explorer display the legacy calendar view.