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Mobile service catalog categories

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Mobile service catalog categories

Browse service catalog categories using the mobile app.

Each category displays on its own page in the mobile app.

Figure 1. Mobile catalog category

Mobile service catalog categories consist of the following elements.

Table 1. Elements of the mobile UI: service catalog category
UI element Description
Current category Displays the currently selected service catalog category.
Back button Returns to the previous service catalog page.
Search Enter search strings for categories or catalog items.
Category filter Displays the current category filter.
Catalog items Displays one row for each catalog item.
Shopping cart Displays the shopping cart to check out.

Use the category filter to switch between categories and subcategories.

Figure 2. Elements of the mobile UI: category filter
Table 2. Elements of the mobile UI: category filter
UI element Description
Cancel button Closes the category filter.
Current category Displays the currently selected category.
Current filter Displays the current filter applied to categories and subcategories.
Subcategories Displays the subcategories available to filter the service catalog.
Apply button Saves changes to the category filter.