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Installed components for UI plugins

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Installed components for UI plugins

The following components are added with the user interface plugins.


Table 1. User interface tables
Table Description
Bookmarks [sys_ui_bookmark] Stores user bookmarks and preferences. To access, navigate to System Definition > Bookmarks.


Table 2. User interface properties
Property Description
glide.ui.allow_ie_compatibility_mode Often, Internet Explorer is configured to use compatibility mode when viewing ServiceNow. However, UI15 does not display when compatibility mode is turned on. When this property is set to false, the system does not allow use of compatibility mode on UI15 pages. The default value for this property is false.
glide.ui.doctype Enables or disables the UI15 interface. The default value for this property is true.

After enabling or disabling this property, the administrator must log out and log back in to effect the change in the instance. When users log out and log back in, they see the change in their individual user sessions.

glide.ui.doctype.ie_version Sets the minimum version of Internet Explorer required to use UI15. The default value for this property is 9. It is recommended that you do not change this value.

User preferences

Table 3. User interface user preferences
User Preference Description
glide.ui.navpage_state Do not edit this preference; system record of a user's UI11 configuration.
ng.navigator_preference Stores a user's selected application navigator favorites in UI15.
glide.ui.field_style_circles Shows field status indicators on lists as circles instead of cell backgrounds. The system administrator can set this preference for new logins. Users can make this change by navigating to a list, clicking the personalize list icon (Personalize list icon), and selecting the Modern cell coloring check box.