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Add fields to selections in a related list

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Add fields to selections in a related list

When you click Edit in a related list and select an item, information about the item appears below the list. You can expand the fields that appear for the item to provide more information.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Figure 1. Fields listed for selected record
Fields that display when a value is selected in the slushbucket

To add fields to selections in a related list, record the exact field name, or element, not the label name. This example demonstrates adding fields to the Groups related list [sys_user_group].


  1. Navigate to System UI > Views.
  2. Select sys_ref_list.
  3. To add fields from the Group table, in the Lists related list, select sys_user_group.
  4. In the List Elements related list, click New.
  5. Enter the field name and its relative position when it appears in the description.
    Fields appear from top to bottom, lowest to highest number.
  6. Click Submit.