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Set up a stand-alone certificate authority for active directory

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Set up a stand-alone certificate authority for active directory

The first step to configure Microsoft Active Directory for SSL access is to set up a stand-alone Certificate Authority (CA).

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Do not worry about addition resource utilization because both of the required services (IIS & CA) can be disabled after issuing the certificate(s).


  1. Install Internet Information Server (IIS).
  2. Install Certificate Authority Services in stand-alone mode.
  3. Verify the Certificate Services web application is installed and active.

What to do next

Using the IIS Manager console, expand the local computer and select Web Sites. The state of Default Web Site should be Running. You should also see a CertSrv application listed under the Default Web Site. If the site is not running or the application is missing, you must resolve the issue before you proceed.