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User self-registration

User self-registration

The User Registration Request plugin provides the ability for unregistered users to request access to a ServiceNow instance. An administrator can activate the plugin.

A user can request an account by navigating to the instance. If the plugin is installed, the following section is added to the welcome screen.

Welcome screen
The user can complete and submit the self-registration form, and see a confirmation that it was submitted. An email is received by the user when the account is registered.
Note: If the email address entered in the self-registration form is already in the system, the request is not submitted.

Approve an account

When a user submits a self-registration form, it can be reviewed and approved.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to User Administration > Pending User Registration and open the request.
  2. Use the Create User and Reject related links on the registration request form to approve or deny the request.
    • If Create User is selected, a new user is created using the email address as the User ID.
    • If Reject is selected, the request is marked Rejected.
    The user is sent an email notification with the login information if the request was accepted, or the rejection information.
  3. (Optional) To view past registration requests, remove the [State] [is] [Pending] breadcrumb from the list view.
    Remove the filter