Database field types

Several field types are available in the system.

This table shows field types and corresponding MySQL database types. Typically, it isn't necessary to perform any actions at the database level. To learn about changing a field type, see System dictionary.
Table 1. Database field types
Field types Options Dictionary XML type MySQL DB type
String small string VARCHAR(40)
String medium string VARCHAR(100)
String large string MEDIUMTEXT
String extralarge string MEDIUMTEXT
Decimal decimal Decimal (15,2) older instances may have (12,2)
Integer integer Integer
True-False boolean TINYINT(1)
Date glide_date DATE
Date-Time glide_date_time DATETIME
Time glide_time DATETIME
Duration glide_duration DATETIME
Choice string VARCHAR(40)
Suggestion string VARCHAR(40)
Journal journal MEDIUMTEXT
Reference <reference table> reference VARCHAR(32)
List glide_list MEDIUMTEXT
Image user_image VARCHAR(40)
Due-Date due_date DATETIME