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UI11 field status indicators

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UI11 field status indicators

A field status indicator is a colored bar that may appear to the left of form elements.

Administrators can customize the colors of field status indicators in UI11. These indicators convey the following statuses.
Field status Description
Mandatory Required field that is empty. The user must enter a value to save the form. Default color is red.
Populated mandatory Required field for which a value has already been saved. Default color is light red. If the user enters a new value, the field status indicator changes to modified (default green).
Modified Contains data that has not been saved. Default color is green.
Read-only User cannot edit on the form. Default color is orange.
Figure 1. UI11 field status indicators
UI11 field status indicators

An administrator can customize the color of these field status indicators by navigating to System Properties > CSS:

Figure 2. Customize UI11 field status indicator colors
CSS field status indicator color properties