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MySQL overview graphs

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MySQL overview graphs

The graphs in the mySQL Overview page are an aggregate view of all traffic going to your database server.

These graphs are distinct from the charts under the Database section, which monitor only queries originating at your particular application instance.

Figure 1. MySQL performance metric graphs
MySQL overview graphs
  • mySQL Statements: Displays all the database activity - deletes, inserts, selects, and updates.
  • mySQL Threads: Measures the number of connections to the database and how many active threads are running on the database.
  • mySQL Statement - writes: Displays only the database write actions, including deletes, inserts, and updates. The select action represents a large portion of the activity, and removing this view makes it easier to analyze the write actions.
  • mySQL Table Locks waited: Displays the number of table locks per second over the configured time period. This metric is important to monitor. The more table locks that exist, the lower the performance.