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Matcher field definitions fields

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Matcher field definitions fields

The matcher field definitions determine when a data lookup occurs.

A data lookup only occurs on fields with matcher field definitions. The data lookup uses the values of the source table fields to look up one or more values from the matcher table. Note that data lookup does not work with Journal type fields.

Table 1. Matcher field definitions fields
Field Description
Data Lookup Displays the name of the parent data lookup definition record.
Source table field Select the field from the source table that contains the data to match.
Matcher table field Select the field from the matcher table that contains the data to match.
Exact lookup match

Select this check box to require the matcher table to contain a matching row for every possible combination of values (including blank values). Clearing this check box means that any blank values in the matcher table match any value. For example, suppose the Priority field is blank in the matcher table. When this check box is selected, there is a match only when the Priority value is blank in the source table row. When this check box is cleared, the blank matcher field value matches any value in the source table field.

Note: If the lookup does not require an exact match, matcher table rows containing blank values are treated as wild cards, matching all values.