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Recent selections

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Recent selections

Reference fields store a list of each user's recent selections to allow users to quickly select past values when filling in a reference field.

By default, the system stores up to 15 selections from a reference field for each user in the Recent Selection [sys_ui_recent_selection] table. Users can see the recent selections list by selecting an empty reference field.

Note: The system does not store recent selections for service catalog reference variables.
Note: Recent selections are not available in the service portal or mobile user interfaces.
Figure 1. Recent selections
An empty reference field to the User table displaying a list of two recent user selections: Beth Anglin and Elmo Gabouer.

The system uses auto-complete to filter the list of recent selections to match values the user enters.

Figure 2. Recent selections filtered
A partially-filled in reference field to the User table displaying a filtered list of users whose names begin with the letter B. In this case, the list only consists of the user Beth Anglin.

The system adds a Recent Selection record whenever a user inserts or updates a reference field value. Administrators can control the number of recent selections the system displays with the glide.xmlhttp.max_choices system property. Setting the property to zero disables recent selections.

Note: This property also controls how many entries the system displays in choice lists.