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Normalize a field

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Normalize a field

Field normalization converts different varieties of the same field value, to a single, preferred value.

When a process or a user enters a value in a normalized field, the platform determines if that value can be replaced with a normal value. By forcing a field to use a simple, recognizable description for multiple variations of the same value, normalization can eliminate duplicate records and make searches easier. Normalization also automatically adjusts queries to return normalized results and normalizes values in scripts.

Field normalization is available for every field in the platform, with the exception of reference fields. However, some fields are more likely to be normalized than others, such as the CPU type field. Another obvious candidate for normalization is the Name field in the Company table. Company names might appear in records in several different forms (for example, Inc., Incorporated, Corporation). Normalized fields can eliminate confusion by providing logical replacements for ambiguous values.