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Schedule an export

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Schedule an export

You can schedule an export to regularly push data from an export set to a remote destination.

Before you begin

Role required: export_set_scheduler or export_set_admin


  1. Navigate to System Export Sets > Scheduled Exports.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the following fields.
    Table 1. Schedule Data Export fields
    Field Description
    Name Enter a descriptive name for this scheduled export.
    Export set Select the export set to schedule.
    Run as Select the user to run the scheduled export as. Ensure the user has any roles needed to view the data to export.
    Run Select the frequency for scheduled export.
    Day Select which day of the week or month to run this scheduled export on. This field appears when the Run field is set to Weekly or Monthly
    Repeat interval Enter the number of days and hours to wait before repeating this scheduled export. This field appears when the Run field is set to Periodically.
    Time Enter the time of day to run the scheduled export.
    Delta Exports
    Enable delta exports Select this check box to enable delta functionality for this scheduled export. When selected, only new or changed records are exported.
    Delta on or after Select Updated to export all records that changed since the last export, including new records. Select Created to export only new records created after the last export.
    Note: If the export definition already includes a filter condition on the sys_updated_on or sys_created_on fields, enabling delta exports will prevent you from saving the scheduled data export record. An error appears at the top of the form in this event.
    Last export scheduled run Leave this field blank to export all records from the export definition. When using delta exports, this field is set automatically each time the scheduled export runs. Records updated or created after this date and time are included in the export delta, depending on the Delta on or after value.
    Conditional Select this check box to run the schedule only when a condition is met.
    Condition Write the script to be used to evaluate whether the export should run. This field is visible if you select the Conditional check box.
    Execute pre-export script Select this check box to run a script before the export begins.
    Pre script Write the script you want to run before the data is exported. This field is visible if you selected the Execute pre-export script check box.
    Execute post-export script Select this check box to run a script after the export finishes.
    Post script Write the script you want to run after the export finishes. This field is visible if you selected the Execute post-export script check box.
  4. Click Submit.

What to do next

You can click the Execute Now button to run the export immediately and confirm the data is exported as expected.