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Create a list widget

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Create a list widget

Create a list widget to display scores as a list.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_power_user


Define the list widget by filling in the following fields.
Table 1. List widget fields
Field Description
Indicator group Select the group of indicators to display on the widget.
Time Series Apply a mathematical aggregation to the widget data for a specific time period.

For example, you can display the average yearly score or a weekly sum. You can select only time series that are available for the widget's indicator. A plus sign (+) at the end of the time series indicates that scores for a partially completed period will be included.

Follow element Select this check box to make the widget respond to the selected breakdown on a dashboard.
Followed breakdown If Follow element is selected, specify the breakdown to apply. Data in the widget is filtered based on this breakdown and the element selected on the dashboard.
Type Select List.
Visualization Select the visualization to use to display the indicator scores. Certain configuration options are available only for specific visualizations.
Sort on Define the sort order based on values from the breakdown elements, such as Value or Name, or based on computed metrics, such as Change% or Gap
Sort direction Select if the sort order should display higher values first (Descending) or lower values first (Ascending).
List Settings
Scorecard options Select All scorecards, scorecards marked Key, or Favorite scorecards to show only those scorecards on the dashboard.
Page size Select the number of rows to show on the list scorecard.
Filter Filter the scorecard list for Best Performing, Worst Performing, Improved, Declined, or Deteriorated. Only indicator scores that match the filter are shown.
Column Settings
Current score Display the score from the latest data collection.
Trend Shows the direction that the indicator is moving. The trend is shown in a mini-chart on the dashboard.
Bullet chart Display an additional column on the widget that shows how close the latest score is to the latest target score. The additional column only appears if the indicator has a defined target.
Multiple scores Adds additonal scores to the scorecard.

If Current Score is also selected, the Score column is counted as the most recent period and N-1 periods are added.

Number of periods Select the number of additional periods to include in the widget.
Period step Select the length of each period. The unit is based on the frequency of the first indicator.
Note: Including indicators with different frequencies, such as daily or weekly, may result in different numbers of periods per indicator. For example, if the first indicator has a daily frequency, and another indicator has a weekly frequency, the daily indicator will show 7 scores for every 1 score of the weekly indicator.
Change Displays the change in value from the previous score.
Change % Displays the percentage change from the previous score.
Target Displays the target for the indicator if a target has been defined.
Gap Displays the difference between the current and the target scores. Gap can be either positive (moving towards the target) or negative (moving away from the target).
Gap % Displays the percentage difference between the current and target scores. Gap % can be either positive (moving towards the target) or negative (moving away from the target).