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PASnapshot - getIDs(String sys_id, Number date)

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PASnapshot - getIDs(String sys_id, Number date)

Get the sys_id values for all records contained in the snapshot for a specified indicator at the specified date.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
sys_id String The indicator sys_id.
date Number The date when the snapshot was taken, in the format yyyymmdd.
Table 2. Returns
Type Description
String A comma-separated list of sys_id values.
var snapshot1 = PASnapshot.getIDs('fb007202d7130100b96d45a3ce6103b4', 20160530);;

Output: *** Script: 09c01200d7002100b81145a3ce6103ab,19c01200d7002100b81145a3ce6103e9,fcc01200d7002100b81145a3ce61035b,….