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Set up Service Portfolio Management

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Set up Service Portfolio Management

Set up Service Portfolio Management to define business services, document them, track performance against defined availability commitments, and relay the performance information in real-time to your end users.

About this task

To set up and use Service Portfolio Management:


  1. Define the service offerings and commitments

    Create Service Offering records that define different levels of service for an existing Business Service. For example, you might offer two levels of Desktop Support in your organization. A Standard offering for upgrades and virus protection, and an Executive offering that also includes availability guarantee. Create a complete set of Service offerings, defined by Service commitments which define the specifics of the offering.

  2. Define the scope of the service offerings
    Scope in Service Portfolio Management refers to the detailed service parameters that define the limits of a Business Service. Specific additional services related to the Business Service can be defined as In Scope or Out of Scope. For instructions on creating and applying scope definitions to Business Services, see Business service scope.
  3. Configure the price of the service offering
    Each Service Offering must have a pricing model and a price unit. Values are set on the parent Business Service and inherited by the offerings. The actual price per unit that is charged for the service is established. For details, see Service pricing.
  4. Configure the business service catalog for the end user.
    All the data created in the previous steps is displayed on the Service Catalog page for a Business Service. The layout is not configurable, but an administrator can control how the Business Service is categorized and who can view the Business Service in the Catalog. For details, see Business service catalog.
  5. Subscribe to the service offering by users
    Subscribe your users to a Service Offering. Subscribed users can then add availability data as gauges to their home page for each Service Subscription they have. Each gauge contains links that enable the user to open the Service Offering record, display an availability report, or create an outage. See Service subscriptions for information on subscribing to Service Offerings.