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Define a service contract

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Define a service contract

A new table of SLA Contracts is provided through the Service Level Management > Service Contracts module. These Contracts group together SLAs that relate to a single vendor or customer, as well as the CIs, locations, groups, users, and child contracts that are related to the contract.

The table Service Contract [ast_service] extends the asset table Contract [ast_contract]. It stores information about service contracts for asset management purposes. Installing the SLA Contract Add-on Plugin adds relations to this table to make it useful for Service Management purposes. Once the plugin is installed, the Service Contract record possesses related lists for:
  • SLAs
  • Contract CIs
  • Contract Locations
  • Contract Groups
  • Contract Users
  • Child Contracts
Table 1. Service contract table properties
Field Description
Number A unique number associated with the contract.
Starts The date on which the contract takes effect.
Ends The date on which the contract expires.
Location The primary location of the contract, if applicable. If there are multiple, use the Contract locations related list.
Active Whether the contract is currently in use.
Renewable Whether the contract has the possibility of being renewed at the end of its term.
Vendor The vendor responsible for the contract.
Vendor account The account the vendor is responsible to.
Vendor contract The name of the contract defining the Service Contract.
Total cost The total cost of the contract.
Payment amount The amount which has been paid so far.
Payment schedule The amount which has been paid so far.
Short description A short description of the Service Contract.
Description A full description of the Service Contract.

Add contract field to task form

Depending on how the contract is used, the Contract field can be added to any task form by configuring a form. To know how to configure a form, see Form configuration . As the Caller, Assignment Group, Location, and Configuration item fields are populated, the Contract field filters appropriately, helping the support desk to associate the ticket to the correct Contract.
Note: ServiceNow does not recommend adding the same field to different sections of a form unless the field displays read-only data. Having two or more instances of an editable field can cause data loss and prevent the proper functioning of UI and data policies.