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Legacy SLA fields

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Legacy SLA fields

Previously, only a single SLA could be attached to a task via the Escalation engine. The information for the SLA was stored in the task table using the SLA Due, Made SLA, and Escalation fields.

The Task SLA engine now enables multiple SLAs to be attached to a single task, making the earlier task fields redundant. Their equivalents are in the task_sla table for each SLA attached to the task.
  • Task SLA, Breach time: This is equivalent to the SLA Due field
  • Task SLA, Has breached: This will be true if the SLA has breached, the opposite of Made SLA field.
  • There is no equivalent field for Escalation field. Notifications can be sent via the SLA workflow and an increase in priority can trigger additional SLAs to be attached to the task.
Note: The Business Duration field is neither part of the Escalations Engine nor the Task SLA Engine.

The fields on the Task are considered legacy and are not updated by the Task SLA engine. In case these fields are being updated, the legacy Escalation engine may still be running. This can happen if you have upgraded from Express or a previous instances.

To prevent the Escalation engine from running, set the com.snc.sla.run_old_sla_engine property to false. If this property is set to false and the fields are still being updated, check the customizations made to your instance.