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Request a category

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Request a category

Self-service users can request a new category within a service catalog.

About this task

For example, a facilities team leader who manages office furniture could request the Office Furniture Requests category within the Facilities catalog.

To request a category:


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > Service Catalog.
  2. Select the Can We Help You? > Item Designer Category Request item.
  3. Fill in the request form.
    Request a catalog category in an existing catalog
  4. Click Submit.
    The catalog request record state is set to Requested, and you are granted the catalog item designer role so you can view the status of the request. Log out and back in to access the Item Designer application in the navigator.
  5. Navigate to Item Designer > My Item Categories to view the status of the request.


After the category is approved, new modules under Item Designer are provided to create and manage catalog items in the category.