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Define question types

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Define question types

Question types define the options available to catalog editors or catalog managers when they create questions for a catalog item.

About this task

To meet requirements for your design environment, you can modify question types by expanding or restricting the list of types available . For example, you can deactivate date-based question types.
Note: This list of available question types is also used when you create a new service in service creator. For example, if you deactivate Multi-Line Text, it is deactivated for both the catalog item designer and the service creator.


  1. Navigate to Item Designer > Administration > Question Types.
  2. Click New or open an existing question type.
    Figure 1. New Question Type form
  3. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Question Type form
    Field Description
    Name The question type name.
    Question class The base variable type to use as the class for this question type. The most common variable types are available, but some complex types, such as macros, are available only when you use the Catalog Item form.
    The following classes are available:
    • Checkbox
    • Date
    • Date/Time
    • Label
    • Multi-Line Text
    • Multiple Choice
    • Numeric Scale
    • Reference
      Note: Reference fields are only available as preconfigured questions. If you set the question class to Reference, the Preconfigured Question check box is automatically selected and made read-only.
    • Select Box
    • Single-Line Text
    • Yes / No
    Order The sequence in which the question type appears.
    Active A check box to indicate whether the question type is active or not. Clear this check box to deactivate a question type, so that it cannot be used when creating a question or a new service.
    Note: Deactivating a question type that is in use does not affect catalog items that are already using that question type.
    Preconfigured question A check box to indicate whether users can select this question as a preconfigured type when defining a question. This field is checked by default, and only one active non-preconfigured question type is available per question class.

    Some preconfigured question types are provided by default, such as a list of users.

    If Preconfigured Question is selected, the Read only, Question, Help text, and Default value fields also appear. Depending on the question class, additional fields can also appear to define variable attributes for that class. For example, if you select a preconfigured question type based on the Multiple Choice question class, the Question Type Choices field appears, allowing you to select the choices available for that question type.

    Description A description of the question type.
    Read only Whether the question type can be selected or not. Appears if Preconfigured Question is selected.
    Question The question itself, as displayed. Appears if Preconfigured Question is selected.
    Help text Help text to appear with the question. Appears if Preconfigured Question is selected.
    Default value The default value for the question. Appears if Preconfigured Question is selected.
  4. Click Submit or Update.