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Define a product with Release Management

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Define a product with Release Management

Before you can manage a release process, you must define a Product. A Product record stores information about a product for reference purposes and groups all of the releases and features for the product.

Note: This documentation applies to Release v1. For Release v2, please refer to Defining a Product with Release v2.

Creating a product

To define a product, navigate to Release > Product.
Field Input Value
Number Unique identifier for the Product. Generated using Number Maintenance.
Name The name of the Product.
Manager A reference to the product's manager.
Business Service The Business Service in the CMDB that corresponds to the product.
Plan Approval A group to approve any Plan phases for the release.
Build Approval A group to approve any Build phases for the release.
Acceptance Approval A group to approve any Accept phases for the release.
Release Approval A group to approve any Release phases for the release.
Deploy Approval A group to approve any Deploy phases for the release.
Blackout Approval A group to approve any Blackout phases for the release.
Short Description A short description of the product.
Description A more verbose description of the product.
Notes A journal field of notes for the product.

Relating to Business Services

You can use Business Service reference field to link the product with a corresponding Business Service in the CMDB. Each Business Service keeps information about how it relates to other Configuration Items, and can track any incidents, problems, or changes related to it. Specifying a Business Service for the Product connects information from the release process to other processes in the instance.