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Access ITSM guided setup

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Access ITSM guided setup

You can access ITSM guided setup from the System Administration homepage or by navigating to the ITSM guided setup application if the ITSM Guided Setup (com.snc.guided_setup) plugin is active.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

The ITSM Guided Setup plugin is active by default for new provisioned instances. If an instance is upgraded to the Istanbul release, then you must activate the plugin to enable ITSM guided setup.


  1. Start ITSM guided setup from either the System Administration homepage or the application navigator.
    From the System Administration homepage
    1. On the System Administration homepage, click Guided Setup.
    2. On the guided setup page, click ITSM guided setup.
    From the application navigator Navigate to Guided Setup > ITSM Guided Setup.
  2. On the ITSM guided setup homepage, review the list of prerequisites.
  3. Click Get started when you are ready to start the tasks for setting up your instance and ITSM applications.
  4. From the category view page, you can then navigate to different pages to review each activity category and complete the tasks within them.
    For more information on the controls and various UI components on the different pages of ITSM guided setup, see ITSM guided setup user interface.