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Use a scripted allocation

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Use a scripted allocation

Scripted allocations define custom allocation amounts and targets by executing a script.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, financial_mgmt_admin, or financial_mgmt_user

About this task

You can use scripted allocations to perform any of the following actions.
  • Allocate an expense to all cost centers based on the current head count in the cost center.
  • Query usage data to determine the allocation amount to assign to a target.
  • Track the business users that are consuming business services.


  1. Navigate to Costs > Administration > Expense Allocation Rules.
  2. Select an expense allocation rule.
  3. Select the Advanced check box.
  4. Use the following concepts to build the script
    • Query for target records and data to use for calculating the allocation amount.
    • Create allocation records using the ExpenseAllocation API.
    The following variables are available during the script processing:
    • allocation: expense allocation object used to create allocations.
    • expense: GlideRecord for the expense_line that is being processed.
    • rule: GlideRecord for this rule.

    To create an allocation record, use the allocation object already instantiated in the script scope:

    allocation.createAllocation(targetGlideRecord, amount);