Create a rate card and assign a user or asset

You can assign a user or asset when you create a rate card. You can only assign the user or asset that is assigned to the contract.

Before you begin

Role required: financial_mgmt_user, asset, or contract_manager


  1. Navigate to Contract Management > Contract > All.
  2. Select a contract with an assigned user or asset.
  3. In the Contract Rate Cards related list, click New.
  4. Specify a Start date.
    For financial calculations to work, the date cannot be before the start date of the contract.
  5. Right-click the header bar and select Save.
  6. In the Asset Covered or Rate Card Users related list, click New.
  7. Select the Asset or User who is assigned to the contract.
    Only assets and users associated with the parent contract are listed.
  8. Specify a Date Added.
  9. Click Submit.