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Bulk CI Changes and Mass Update CI

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Bulk CI Changes and Mass Update CI

Best Practice - Bulk CI Changes and Change Management - Mass Update CI enable users to apply the same update to a set of CIs for a specific CI class. Mass Update CI extends Bulk CI Changes, and works with and enforces the change management state model.

To use these features, activate the Change Management - Mass Update CI plugin, and Best Practice - Bulk CI Changes is also activated.

These features let you add multiple affected CIs in a CI class to a change request. With Mass Update CI, the Mass update CI class check box appears when you create a new change request. To perform a bulk or mass update, select the check box.

For example, a series of laptops require their domain to be changed. This update to the affected laptops can be included in the proposed change. When the proposed change is saved, an XML proposed update is added to the affected CIs. This update can then be applied when the change is in the Implement or Review state.
Note: This feature is available for normal and emergency changes only.

After activating both plugins, the administrator must inactivate the Hide Mass Update CI Section UI policy so the form section or tab appears.

Change Request form modifications for Bulk CI Changes

If you prefer to use Best Practice - Bulk CI Changes without Mass Update CIs, the CI class and Proposed change fields must be added to the Change Request form. The administrator configures it as described in the following list.
  • Add the CI Class and Proposed Change fields, if they are not already visible.
  • Add the Affected CIs related list, if it is not already visible.
  • Remove the Configuration Item field from the form because all CIs are tracked through the Affected CIs related list.