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Create an entitlement

Create an entitlement

You create software entitlements for both CIs and users from the same License Entitlement form.

About this task

You can create these entitlements from Asset Management. Navigate to one of these locations and click New:

  • Asset Management > Software > Asset License Entitlements
  • Asset Management > Software > User License Entitlements


  1. Navigate to Software Asset Management > Software Licenses.

  2. Click an Asset tag.

  3. Click Add Entitlement and complete the License Entitlement form using the fields in the table.

    Figure 1. Software license entitlement
    Software license entitlement

  4. Click Submit.

    The view returns to the Software License form.

  5. Set an optional condition in the Allocated conditions section.

    The configuration items given this license must meet the specified conditions. For example, you might set a condition that allocates this software license to CIs in a certain department only.

    Figure 2. Asset entitlement condition
    Asset entitlement condition

  6. Click Update.

    Table 1. License entitlement
    Display name[Read-only] Name used in record lists.
    Assigned toUser of the entitlement token.
    Allocated toThe configuration item consuming the license token.
    Licensed byLicense granting this token.
    Cached[Read-only] Internal flag set and used by software counters.

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