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Configure an advanced service catalog offering for VMware

Configure an advanced service catalog offering for VMware

These procedures build on the basic catalog offering configuration and the custom catalog offering configuration to provide advanced customization to the service catalog and to the offerings.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, vmware_operator

About this task

The cloud administrator configures the catalog items for guest customization and task automation.
Note: Ensure that the basic and custom configurations are complete before attempting to add the customizations provided by these procedures.


  1. Configure these fields, as appropriate.
    • Checkout redirect: [Optional] Configure the checkout redirect property to redirect the view after checkout to the My Virtual Assets portal of the user rather than to the Order Status form.
    • Size definitions: Create virtual machine offerings with different size definitions, based on a single VMware template.
  2. [Optional] Reconfigure the defaults for the duration of a virtual server lease in the appropriate properties.

    The default length of a lease in the base system is 60 days. The maximum lease duration permitted is 90 days.

  3. Configure the provisioning rules.

    Provisioning rules enable you to select which vCenter resources (datacenter, network, and folder) are used to provision virtual machines for a specific category, such as Dev, QA, or Prod. Use provisioning rules to organize multiple vCenters around the types of virtual machines they support.

  4. Create catalog items for virtual servers from VMware templates and present the items to users in the service catalog.
    These catalog items minimize a requester's involvement by simplifying the process of selecting the appropriate virtual server. A cloud administrator can create virtual machines with different specifications that are built from the same template. Some of the options you can configure in the VMware catalog item record are:
    • Skip approval: Allow requests for this item to bypass an approval from the VMware Approvers group.
    • Task automation: Select the automation level for this item: Fully automatic, Semi automatic, or Manual.
    • Guest customization: Select the settings to be applied to the newly provisioned virtual resource when guest customization is enabled.
  5. [Optional] Configure the system to create change requests when users request modifications to their VMware machines from the My Virtual Assets portal.

    Examples of modifications that generate changes are lease extensions, requests for additional memory, and requests to terminate a virtual machine.

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