Privileged commands for the MID Server

The ServiceNow platform provides default privileged commands for the MID Server to use and the ability to add additional commands to the system.

An example of information that requires elevated privileges is information about storage disks on a host server, retrieved with the fdisk -l command. If your system cannot use sudo commands, you must configure the hosts in your network to use one of the other privileged commands. You can have different privileged commands set up for different hosts. However, Discovery supports only one privileged command per host.

Important: You can edit supported privileged commands, but do not delete them.
Table 1. SSH privileged escalation command requirements
Command Description
  • Host must support the command –v dzdo command and return the path to dzdo in standard output.
  • Credentials provided for Discovery must be able to run dzdo <commands>. Possible SSH commands are those listed in UNIX and Linux commands requiring root privileges for Discovery and Orchestration.
  • Discovery does not support any other dzdo – options, but Discovery supports password authentication for dzdo.