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Service Analytics

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Service Analytics

ServiceNow® Service Analytics enhances Event Management with alert data analysis and alert aggregation for technical services, manual services, and alert groups. It also provides root cause analysis (RCA) for business services discovered by Service Mapping and for manual services.

With Service Analytics, you can do the following:
  • Aggregate alerts.

    Correlate alerts according to timestamps and CI identification creating automated alert groups. This helps organize incoming real-time alerts, and reduce alert noise. An operator can then easily identify related issues across the data center, in the context of services.

  • Apply RCA to identify the root cause CI and associated discovered business services or manual services that the initial root alert was generated for.

    Service Analytics identifies root cause CIs for discovered business services and for manual services, and then aggregates similar alerts from the root cause CI and from its related CIs into an automated alert group. An operator can drill down and determine which CIs and alerts are affecting discovered business service and manual service health.

  • Correlates alerts based on CIs' relationships in the CMDB, creating CMDB alert groups.
  • Visualize the correlation between alerts, services, and root cause CIs for discovered business services and for manual services in a service map.