Run network Discovery

Configure network Discovery to run using a Discovery schedule.

Before you begin

Configure SNMP credentials or (optionally) SSH credentials. Port 161 must be open for SNMP access and port 22 or SSH access.


  1. Navigate to Discovery > Discovery Schedules.
  2. Click New and select Networks from the list in the Discover field.
  3. Select a MID Server.

    This field is mandatory.

  4. Complete the form, including the scheduling fields.
  5. Right-click in the header bar and select Save from the pop-up menu.

    The Related Links and related lists appear.

  6. Click Network Discovery Private IPs in Related Links to view the list of default private IP networks in the Discovery IP Ranges Related List.

    The default IP networks in this list are available to every Network Discovery you conduct and are sufficient for most discoveries.

  7. If your organization has additional private IP addresses, click New to add them.
    Figure 1. Private IP addresses
    Private IP addresses
  8. Add starting routers to the schedule in the Discovery Range Sets list.
    1. Click the Network Discovery Auto Starting Routers link to populate the list with the starting router for each MID Server in your network.
    2. Click Edit to add or delete routers from the list.
    Figure 2. Network Discovery schedule
    Network Discovery schedule
  9. Run Discovery manually, or through the scheduler.