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SCPRelay probe

SCPRelay probe

The SCP Relay Probe copies a single file or the contents of a directory from one host to another, using the MID Server as a relay.

The SCP Relay probe uses the same parameters as SSHCommand. The commands may be sent in or out of the context of a terminal (tty), and with or without sudo (for those commands, such as lsof, that require being executed in the context of root to cough up the information we need). When commands are sent in the context of a terminal, the path is automatically widened to include a set of default paths (and this can be further widened with the path_override parameter). If the target machine is the local machine, SSH is not used; instead, a local shell is run to execute the command.

For instructions on configuring probe parameters, see Set probe parameters .

The following parameters may be passed to the SCP Relay probe:

Table 1. Parameters
ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
debugEnables debug logging.false
debug_sshEnables J2SSH debug logging (into ssh.log, which can get very large - be careful!)false
timeoutSets the socket connection timeout, in ms.60000
path_overrideOverrides the default paths set before executing a command.none
keyboard_interactiveIf true, forces the use of keyboard_interactive SSH login mode.false
must_sudoIf true, forces the command to be executed through sudo.false
run_in_terminalIf false, disables SSH commands from running in an SSH terminal (this will break many commands).true
long_runnerIf present, indicates a long-running SSH command.false
set_pathIf false, disables setting the path environment variable before running the command.true
rm_overrideIf present, overrides the default rm command ("/sbin/rm -f") with the provided value.none
sourceSource host or IP to copy from.required
source_portSSH port on the source (defaults to 22).required
from_fileName of the file to copy from the source.required
targetTarget host or IP to copy to.required
target_portSSH port on the target (defaults to 22).required
to_fileName of the file to copy to the target.required

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