CimIQL results

CIM Probe results are passed to the probe sensor as an XML document embedded within the <output> element.

The following is a commented example of a CimQuery batch result.
<!-- document root -->
 <!-- A single query and query result. Multiple <cimquery> tags may be provided. -->
   <!-- The original query, enclosed by CDATA. -->
   <query><!CDATA[[>CIM_ComputerSystem[0].PrimaryOwnerContact<! ]]></query>
   <!-- The resulting data is enclosed within a single <result> tag. -->
     <!-- A single class instance result. Multiple <instance> tags may be provided.
          Special tags are prefixed with an underscore character. -->
       <!-- The instance's CIM classname -->
       <!-- A set of this instances identifying keys. Always provided, regardless of property filters.
            Within here, each key is provided as <KeyName>VALUE</KeyName> with the VALUE enclosed as CDATA. -->
       <!-- Each property that matches the query's property filter will be provided here, in the same format as keys;
            As <PropertyName>VALUE<PropertyName> where VALUE is enclosed as CDATA -->