Load balancer: F5 BIG-IP

Discovery of F5 BIG-IP load balancers is performed via SNMP.

Consider the following requirements for discovering F5 BIG-IP load balancers:
  • The F5 BIG-IP device is installed and running on the network.
  • The F5 BIG-IP probes require SNMP credentials to run commands.
Important: Discovery treats hardware load balancers as network devices and attempts to discover them primarily using SNMP. If a load balancer in your system running on a Linux host has SNMP and SSH ports open, Discovery might classify it based on the SSH port, which has classification priority over SNMP. To ensure that Discovery properly classifies your hardware load balancers, create a Discovery behavior for load balancers that includes SNMP but not SSH. Software load balancers are treated as applications.
Note: You can download VMware images of BIG-IP with a free 90-day key from https://www.f5.com/trial.