Discovery device classification

When a classification probe runs, it returns the device class and operating system, if the device is a computer.

The classification probe returns the following device classes:
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Netgear
  • UPS

When you enable identifiers, Discovery classification determines what identity probe to launch. For example, if the device class returned is Computer, and the operating system is Linux, then the classification record launches the pre-configured Linux - Identity multiprobe. The out-of-box ServiceNow system has identity probes configured for each classification, in addition to exploration probes, that can be launched after the results are evaluated.

To view all probes triggered by a classification, navigate to Discovery Definition > Classification. Computers are listed by operating system. Non-computer classes use SNMP probes. The identity probe is listed in the Triggers Probes related list and is launched only when identifiers are enabled. You can use the probes provided or click Edit to select different probes. Click New to create a custom probe.

Figure 1. Linux identity probe
Linux identity probe