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Patterns and horizontal discovery

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Patterns and horizontal discovery

A pattern is a series of operations that tell Discovery which CIs to find on your network, what credentials to use, and what tables to populate in the CMDB.

It performs the same basic functions as probes and sensors. The main difference between patterns and probes and sensors is that Discovery uses patterns for the identification and exploration phases of Discovery only.

When you kick off a discovery, the discovery and classification phases run as they would if you were not using patterns. After the classification stage ends, Discovery looks at the Triggers Probes related list on the classifier to see which probe to launch. If the Horizontal Pattern probe is specified, Discovery launches it, and then launches the pattern specified in it. For more details on the overall Discovery process, see Horizontal discovery process flow.

Patterns and upgrades

Patterns are gradually replacing out-of-box probes and sensors, especially for the discovery of applications. If you are upgrading your instance to a new version and if you customized probes and sensors or a classifier, the upgrade might not replace these components with the new pattern or the components necessary for pattern discovery. If you want to manually migrate from probes and sensors that were not automatically upgraded to patterns, see the instructions in Add the Horizontal Pattern probe to a classifier.

Using patterns

Both Discovery and Service Mapping can use the same pattern for horizontal and top-down discovery. But they are edited differently. See Create a pattern for all steps. If you take a pattern that was exclusively used for top-down discovery and you want to use it for horizontal discovery, you have to make a few modifications. See Use a pattern for horizontal discovery for instructions.

This video provides an example of using patterns for horizontal discovery: