Patterns and horizontal discovery

You can use patterns to gather information about devices and applications during the identification and exploration phases of horizontal discovery instead of using probes and sensors.

How patterns work during the phases of Discovery

When you kick off discovery, the discovery and classification phases run as they would if you were not using patterns. Discovery only looks to the operations in the pattern after the classification phase ends.

Discovery uses a pattern instead of probes and sensors for the identification and exploration phases by detecting the Horizontal Pattern probe on the classifier. If you do not specify this probe and no other probes are active, horizontal discovery stops after the classification phase. If other probes are active, Discovery attempts to use those probes.

For more details on the overall process flow, see Horizontal discovery process flow.

Using patterns

Both Discovery and Service Mapping can use the same pattern for horizontal and top-down discovery. But they are edited differently. See Create a pattern for all steps. If you take a pattern that was exclusively used for top-down discovery and you want to use it for horizontal discovery, you have to make a few modifications. See Use a pattern for horizontal discovery for instructions.