Run Instances input variables

These variables determine the behavior of the activity.

Field Description
Account Name of the account in which the instances are launched. This account is charged for the length of time the instances are running.
User data [Optional] Metadata that defines bootstrap behavior when launching EC2 virtual machines. For information about using this parameter, see the documentation regarding Instance Metadata and User Data on the Amazon site.
Image AMI ID of the image used to launch the instance.
Minimum Count The minimum number of instances Amazon must launch for this request to be successful. If Amazon cannot launch this number of instances, no instances are launched.
Maximum Count The maximum number of instances Amazon should launch for this request, up to the maximum number allowed for the specified account.
Instance type The instance type. The valid values are:
  • t1.micro
  • m1.small
  • m1.medium
  • m1.large
  • m1.xlarge
  • c1.medium
  • c1.xlarge
  • m2.xlarge
  • m2.2xlarge
  • m2.4xlarge
  • m3.xlarge
  • m3.2xlarge
  • hi1.4xlarge
  • cc1.4xlarge
  • cg1.4xlarge
  • cc2.8xlarge
Sensor script The script to execute after the request is made and a response is received. The activity stores instance information in the instances scratchpad variable.