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Editing the Placement Extension Key script

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Editing the Placement Extension Key script

The placement_ext_key script runs when a catalog item task automation mode is set to semiautomatic or fully automatic.

The script allows you to plug in your functions to select provisioning details such as ESXi host, datastore, network, and folder. For VMware, the default script picks up the datastore that has the least space to host the requested VM.

Table 1. Placement Extension Key script properties for VMware
Property Description
clone_name (String) The VM name to be cloned.
datacenter (String) The datacenter ServiceNow sys_id in vCenter.
network (String) The VMware network ServiceNow sys_id.
host (String) The ESX ServiceNow sys_id.
datastore (String) The datastore sys_id.
folder (String) The folder sys_id.
cluster (String) The cluster sys_id.
resource_pool (String) The resource pool sys_id.
guest_customization (String) An indicator for whether customization is required after provisioning.
ostype (String) The operating system type: Windows or Linux.
hostname (String) The computer host name, excluding domain.
win_config (String) The sys_id for the Windows custom specification.
linux_config (String) The sys_id for the Linux custom specification.
Table 2. Placement Extension Key script properties for AWS
Property Description
image (String) The sys_id of the Amazon image.
account (String) The sys_id of the Amazon account.
region_settings (String) The sys_id of the region setting.