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Define a tag for a cloud resource

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Define a tag for a cloud resource

The system tags resources during provisioning either automatically using provisioning rules, or manually when the requester provides tag values while requesting the resource.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin

About this task


  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > Administration > Tags.
  2. Click New, specify the following values, and then click Submit:
    Caution: Do not select a cloud resource in a list and select Tag in the related list. When you do so, the system generates a ServiceNow system tag instead of the desired cloud metadata tag on the resource.
    Field Value
    Name Unique name for the tag.
    • Standard: Provided with the base system and determined during provisioning. By default, includes Application, Cost Center, Project, Service, User Name
    • Other: Tags that you specify.
    Amazon supports bulk-tagging for Standard tags. You typically use bulk-tagging to apply tags to resources that were created outside ServiceNow Cloud Management. Azure does not support bulk-tagging.
    Table Table to refer to when obtaining values.
    Description Text that describes the tag.
    Mandatory Select the check box to require that the tag must be assigned during provisioning.
    Value type

    Select the type of value to use for the tags. You specify the value in the next step.

    • Constant value
    • Variable: Service catalog variable.
    • Reference (to a field of an sc_req_item)
    • Script
  3. After you specify the Value type, you specify the value for the tag.
    Constant Value to use for the tag. If a table is specified, the tag value should be the sys_id of a record in the specified table. If no table is specified, the string value of the field is used.
    Variable You must specify which Variable to use to tag the resource. The system uses the value of the specified variable for the tag. A particular variable cannot be used for more than one tag rule.
    Reference value Reference to a field on the requested item (sc_req_item) for the provisioned resource. If the field is another reference, then the assignment uses the sys_id as the value for the tag, otherwise the string value is used.
    Script The tag value is the variable answer (var answer) from the specified script.