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AWS demo data: CloudFormation stacks and tags

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AWS demo data: CloudFormation stacks and tags

To illustrate the use of Amazon Web Services, the system provides demo data and samples of the data types.

Note: To prevent conflict with production data, load demo data only on a development or test instance.

Each demo stack has been assigned with five standard tag values, as listed in the table.

Each stack comes from a completed-stage catalog item request, which is also showing as demo data in the Amazon Assets portal page. To support some of the tag values, the following extra demo records have been created in the corresponding tag table:
  • For the Application tag: Active Directory, Community, Retail Portal, Shopping Cart and PeopleSoft
  • For the Cost Center tag: Retail
  • For the Project tag: Athens and Berlin
Table 1. Demo CloudFormation stacks and tags
Count Stack Name Service Application Cost Center Project User Name
1 ADwithPrivateSubnet IT Services Active Directory IT Athens Adam Alba
2 LAMPstack-VPC-PubSubnet IT Services Community IT Berlin Adam Alba
3 LAMPstack-VPC-PubPrivSubnet-RDS Retail SAP WEB01 Retail Athens Adam Alba
4 VPC-PubPrivSubnet Retail SAP WEB01 Retail Athens Adam Alba
5 VPC-PubSubnet Retail Retail Portal Retail Berlin Adam Alba
6 LAMPstack-VPC-PubPrivSubnet-RDS-RetailPortal Retail Retail Portal Retail Athens Bob Brown
7 LAMPstack-VPC-PubSubnet-RetailPortal Retail Retail Portal Retail Berlin Bob Brown
8 POS-VPC Retail POS Shopping Cart Retail Berlin Cindy Cyrus
9 LAMPstack-VPC-PubPrivSubnet-RDS-PeopleSoft PeopleSoft CRM PeopleSoft Human Resources Athens Cindy Cyrus