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Update a CloudFormation stack

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Update a CloudFormation stack

You can update a stack by creating a change request once the stack has been successfully requested and created.

Before you begin

Role required:
  • For their personal cloud resources, cloud_user users can manage some settings directly and must change other settings by making a request to the cloud_operator.
  • cloud_admin users have management access to all cloud resources

About this task

When you initiate and save a change request, the stack template body and parameters are copied over and a new template is created containing the changes. Parameters that are no longer used in the updated template are deleted and any new parameters are created. Any default values for the new parameters are copied to the template parameter value table.

Users with the cloud_admin, cloud_user or cloudformation_operator roles can update stacks. Users with the cloud_user can update only the stacks that they own.


  1. Navigate to Amazon AWS Cloud > Managed Resources > Stacksand select a stack.
  2. Click Create New Update Change Record.
    If a draft change already exists for the stack, click Modify Update Change Draft to update the change.
  3. Modify the template body and template parameter values.
    The Phase field indicates the state of the change request. Possible values are draft, requested, in-progress, approved, rejected, published, and error.
  4. Click Validate Stack Change to validate template body changes.
  5. Click Validate Parameter Values to validate template parameters changes.
    Any error messages appear at the top of the form.
  6. Click Request Stack Change to submit the workflow.
  7. Click OK.

    If the stack change is under change control, you are redirected to a change request page that shows the change request that was submitted.

    If the stack change is not under change control, the update workflow is triggered.

  8. After the change request is approved, log in to your instance again.
  9. Navigate to your stack and click Proceed with Change to trigger the update workflow.
    When the change workflow is completed, the system sends a "stack change success" email to the user and updates the stack status, output, tags, parameters, template, and other information.

What to do next

Note: After a change definition has been submitted, you cannot modify the stack until the change is canceled or the change workflow has been completed. You must create a new change definition to make an additional change.