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Catalog items based on CloudFormation templates

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Catalog items based on CloudFormation templates

An administrator can create catalog items for CloudFormation stacks and present the items to users in the service catalog. Catalog items that are based on templates minimize requester involvement by simplifying the process of selecting the appropriate CloudFormation stack configuration. An administrator can create multiple stack specifications in the service catalog.

Table 1. Tables used to manage catalog items from CloudFormation templates
Table Description
Virtual Machine Template [cmdb_ci_vm_template] Contains virtual machine templates from Amazon EC2 and VMware.
EC2 Approved Image [ec2_approved_images] Contains only the EC2 images approved for provisioning through the service catalog. This table extends the Virtual Machine Template [cmdb_ci_vm_template] table.
EC2 Image [ec2_image] Contains all the EC2 images in the system, including approved images. This table extends the Virtual Machine Template [cmdb_ci_vm_template] table.
EC2 Size [ec2_size] Contains all the EC2 size (type) definitions. This table extends VM Size Definition [vm_size] table.

Perform the following operations to prepare to create a catalog item from a CloudFormation template:

  • Configure the categories and sub-categories for catalog items. The category hierarchy determines the category path for locating CloudFormation templates in the service catalog.
  • Determine the appropriate setting for the One-step checkout redirect (glide.vm.checkout_redirect) property.
  • Configure the CloudFormation templates for catalog items.