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DHCP List IP Reservations activity

DHCP List IP Reservations activity

The DHCP List IP Reservations activity generates a list of all the DHCP range reservations on a specific InfoBlox server.

The DHCP activities use the REST Web Service activity designer template to manage IP addresses using an Infoblox DDI Grid Server. These activities are configured to use a MID Server with REST capabilities.

To access this activity in the workflow editor, select the Custom tab, and then navigate to Custom Activities > Infoblox DDI > DHCP.

Input variables

Table 1. DHCP List IP Reservations input variables
InfobloxServerName of the Infoblox DDI Grid Server.
restCredentialsThe sys_id of the REST credentials from the ServiceNow instance.

Output variables

Table 2. DHCP List IP Reservations output variables
referenceReference value for an array of DHCP address ranges in this format: range/<encrypted code>:<start range>/<end range>/default
networkAddress of the network containing the IP address range.
network_viewRouting doman associated with the network returned.


Table 3. DHCP List IP Reservations conditions
SuccessActivity successfully returned an array of DHCP IP address ranges.
FailureActivity failed to return an array of DHCP IP address ranges.

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