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Create vendor activity

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Create vendor activity

Vendor activities enable vendor managers and ITIL users to record and track significant vendor-related activities.

About this task

Vendor activities are not related to vendor assessments.


  1. Navigate to Vendor Performance > Vendors > Vendor Activity and click New.

    The Vendor Activity form appears.

  2. Fill in the fields, as appropriate (see table).
    Figure 1. Vendor activity form
    Vendor activity form
    Table 1. Vendor activity form
    Field Description
    Number [Read-only] Automatically generated record number.
    Vendor [Required] Select the vendor associated with the activity.
    Activity type Select the type of interaction with the vendor. The available choices are: Conversation, Demo, Meeting, and Trade show.
    Activity date Select the date and time when the activity occurs. You can select a past, present, or future date.
    User Select the user who is involved with the activity. For example, if the activity type is a conversation, select the user who spoke with the vendor.
    Summary Enter information about the activity, such as location, additional parties involved, and purpose of the interaction.