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Live Feed and vendor performance

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Live Feed and vendor performance

The Live Feed view enables shows live feed conversations that apply to the current vendor and to respond to comments.

To configure the Live Feed view, an assessment administrator selects the Live feed check box in the Assessable Record form and saves the record. ServiceNow automatically creates a public live feed group, named for the vendor. Live feed is available on the scorecard even if there are no category results for the other views.

Figure 1. Scorecard live feed 1
Scorecard live feed 1

The Live Feed view provides these viewing options:

Table 1. Live feed options
Option Description
My Feed Displays the user's My Feed preferences.
Company Displays the user's company feed.
Groups Displays all available groups and gives the logged in user the option to leave or join a group. Select a group to display that group's conversations.
Tags Displays all the tags found in live feed comments. Click a tag to display the conversations containing that tag.