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Resource workbench

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Resource workbench

The resource workbench provides resource managers with a comprehensive view of capacity, allocations, utilization, and availability for a specific resource. Use the workbench to make sure that your resources are being managed effectively.

With the resource manager role, you can use the resource workbench for:
  • Resource confirmation: Review resource capacity and existing allocations and then confirm the resources to a demand or a project.
  • Resource allocation: Review availability of all resources in a group and then allocate the named resource to a project.
  • The resource workbench is based on Service Portal which enables you to configure, customize, and extend the workbench per your requirements and organizational workflow. See Service Portal for more information.
  • The resource workbench does not support mobile devices.

Resource workbench components are:

Workbench header

The workbench header provides the Confirm Resources and Allocate Resources buttons. To switch between the Confirmation flow view and Allocation flow view of the resource plans, click a button.

Figure 1. Workbench header
The Workbench header

Confirm Resources view

The Confirm Resources view comprises the following sections to review the team load and confirm the resources:

Figure 2. Confirm Resources view example
Confirm resources view

Resource Plans: The Resource Plan left panel provides the following fields:

  • Select All check box: Selects all the resource plans listed in the section.
  • Filters: Filter criteria to filter the list of resource plans displayed.
  • Resource plan list: The resource plans are displayed as cards based on the filter conditions. You can select more than one resource plan to review and confirm.

Resource Forecast: To view the resource forecast and confirm the resources, select a resource plan in the left panel.

  • Overview tab: Displays following items in the stacked bar chart. To view its details, point to any of the sections on the bar chart to view its details:
    • Requested: Number of hours that the resource has been requested for the selected resource plans only.
    • Confirmed: Number of hours confirmed. The value considers all resource plans and the hours across all projects and demands for the group or user requested for selected resource plans.
    • Allocated: Number of hours that the resource is already committed. The value considers all resource plans and the hours on the user calendar. For example, hours allocated for operational work or meetings across all projects and demands for group or user requested for selected resource plans.
    • Capacity: Total capacity trend for the resources, which is derived from the user or group schedule. The group capacity is rolled up from the schedules of all the members. See Define a schedule.
    • To show or hide the respective bar or line in the graph, click any of the items in the legend under the graph.
    • To open the list view of tasks associated with the resource, click the section of the bar chart that shows Allocated or Requested or Confirmed resources. The tasks shown are for the time period that you clicked. You can then click links in the list to view more information.

      When you click a stacked bar, the details of all allocations that overlap for the corresponding time period are displayed.

  • % Utilization tab: Displays the heat map for the percentage utilization of resources including both hard and soft allocations and requested hours for the selected resource plans. The heat map helps resource managers understand how committed utilization would look if resources are allocated to resource plans in the requested state. If utilization is greater than 100%, resources are over-allocated. The resource manager must ensure that the percentage utilization of all resources is within 100%.

Allocate Resources view

The Allocate Resources view comprises the following components to view the availability and utilization of the resources and allocate them:

Resource Plans: List of resource plans based on the filter conditions applied.
Note: You can select only one resource plan to allocate at a time.

Resource Plan details

Figure 3. Resource Plan details example
Resource plan details
  • Suggested Allocation Breakdown (hrs): Soft allocations created by the system. You can review the members to hard allocate to the resource plan.
  • Available Hours tab: Heat map for the time period that the resource is available. Available hours is the capacity of the resource minus the hours allocated (soft as well as hard, excluding the current plan).
  • Forecasted Utilization tab: Heat map for resource utilization including both soft and hard allocations. It is calculated as the total hours from plans in the Confirmed and Allocated states, including the current plan and Capacity. If utilization is greater than 100, resources are over-allocated.
Note: Click a section of the heat map to view the list of tasks that the associated resource opens. The tasks shown are for the selected time period. You can then click links in the list to view more information.