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Related lists added for financials

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Related lists added for financials

Project Portfolio Suite with Financials adds several related lists to both the Project and Portfolio forms.

Portfolio related lists

Figure 1. Portfolio related lists for financials
Portfolio related lists for financials

This table explains the related lists and how to create or use the records in these lists in the portfolio workbench.

Portfolio form related lists Description
Portfolio Target List of portfolio capital and operational expense target for different fiscal years. The values are displayed from the project_funding table. Set these values in the Set Target stage of the portfolio workbench. You can create targets for different financial periods.
Planning & Budgeting List of projects and demands that are part of the portfolio according to the fiscal years. You can include or exclude a project or demand and from the portfolio budget plan.

When you select the project or demand in the Select Project and Demands step of the portfolio workbench and move to the next stage, the Planned value changes to true.

Cost Plans Lists all the cost plans that you create for demands and projects. Cost plans capture project and demand costs.
Cost Breakdown Lists the cost breakdowns rolled up to the portfolio level for each fiscal period. If the fiscal period is a month, the list shows the estimated cost and target, and the actual cost and budget for each month in the fiscal year. The breakdown records can be of either Capex or Opex.
Budget Plans List of budget plans of the portfolio. Create budget plans on the Portfolio form using the Create/Revise Budget Plan related link. Manage budget and promote plans with the Financial Management application. See Budget plans.

Project related lists for financials

Project related lists

Project form related lists Description
Cost Plans The costs of the project for a specific fiscal period. Cost plans can also have an associated expense line.
Cost Breakdown The application automatically creates cost plan breakdown records when you save the cost plan. The cost plan breakdowns are records that specify the estimated and actual costs and the budget at a granular level for specific fiscal periods, such as FY16: April and FY16: May. Cost plans can also have associated expense lines. The Cost Breakdown related lists shows the aggregated costs for estimated and actual budget costs for each fiscal period for the project.
Project Budget Lists the project budget by fiscal year. Project budgets are created at the portfolio level and also appear in the Planning & Budgeting related list on the Portfolio form.
Expense Lines Aggregated actual costs associated with a specific source, such as a user, fixed asset, or a CI.