Set up project notifications with the workflow tool

Use the workflow tool, for example, to set up a workflow that sends an email notification when the state of a project task becomes Work in Progress.

Before you begin

Role required: it_project_manager


  1. Create a workflow with the following attributes:
    • Name: Notify assignee
    • Table: Project task [pm_project_task]
    • If condition matches: Run if no other workflows matched yet
    • Condition: State is Work in Progress and Assigned to is not empty
      Note: Do not modify other attributes in this example.
  2. Add a single Notification activity between the Start and End activities. Drag the activity onto the connector line until it changes color. The attributes of the activity are similar to the following example:
    • Name: Notify assignee
    • To: ${assigned_to}
    • Subject: Project task ${number} has been activated and is assigned to you
    • Message:Project task ${number} has been activated and is assigned to you

      Number: ${number}

      Short description: ${short_description}

      Planned start date: ${start_date}

      Planned end date: ${end_date}

      Planned duration: ${duration}