Create a forecast plan

Portfolio manager can re-estimate (forecast) the portfolio budget for future periods based on the actual cost and changed project requirements.

Before you begin

Role required: it_portfolio_manager

The Portfolio Planning field for portfolio must be set to Advanced on the Portfolio form.

  • The forecast period for the fiscal period must be open to create the forecast plan for a portfolio. For example, forecast period for FY17: Apr must be open to create a forecast plan in April.
  • The budget period for a fiscal period must be closed to open a forecast period for the corresponding fiscal period.
  • Only one forecast period can be open at a time.

About this task

Do either of these steps:


  • In portfolio workbench, click Create Forecast Plan under Step 4: Forecasting.
  • Navigate to Project > Portfolios > All, open the portfolio, and click the Create/Revise Forecast Plan related link.


  • The forecast plan for the portfolio is created and promoted for the selected forecast period. It can be accessed from:
    • the portfolio workbench under step 4. Click Re-promote Forecast Plan to re-promote the forecast plan, if required.
    • the portfolio form in Forecast Plans related list.

    You can click the forecast plan to view its details.

What to do next

Once the forecast plan is finalized and no further changes are expected, the forecast period must be closed.