Change planned start date of a demand or project

To balance cost and resources, the portfolio manager can change the start date of a demand or a project and shift it to a different fiscal period.

Before you begin

Role required: it_portfolio_manager

The demands and projects are open in the timeline view of portfolio workbench.


  1. Click the filter icon () in timeline view and add Planned Start Date column if it is not visible.
  2. Change the planned start date of the project or demand.


Changing the date has the following effects on cost plans and resource plans:
  • Cost plans: Cost plan dates are changed concerning the change in project or demand date. For example, if a demand is shifted by two months, all the associated cost plans are also shifted by two months.
  • Resource plans: The resource plan dates are changed regarding the change in project or demand date. The changes in resource plan state are as follows:
    • Allocated state resource plan: The effects on a resource plan in allocated state are:
      • If the resource plan has a start date in future, the resource plan is moved back to the Requested state.
      • If the resource plan has a start date in past, then the resource plan is canceled. The hard allocations for the past date are retained, and the future hard allocations are deleted. A new resource plan with new dates is created in Requested state.
    • Confirmed state resource plan: The soft allocations are deleted and the plan moves to Requested state.
    • Planning and Requested state resource plans: There is no change in resource plan state.
Note: The project property Change Resource Plan and Cost Plan Start Date with Demand or Project Start Date Change controls the changes in cost and resource plans w.r.t change in start date of a demand or project.