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After a project is closed, copy the project

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After a project is closed, copy the project

After a project is closed, you should not reopen it (changing the state to Pending or Open) or restart it (changing the state to Work in Progress).

Before you begin

Role required: it_project_manager


Instead of reopening or restarting the project, copy the project and manage it as a new project, adjusting the state of each task as needed.


If you do decide to reopen or restart a project, note the following issues:
  • Changing the project to Work in Progress: Project tasks with the ASAP time constraint that start when the project starts. Other tasks change to Open.
  • Changing the project to Pending or Open: All tasks change to Open.
  • Changing a task to Work in Progress: The project state changes to Work in progress.
  • Changing a task to Pending or Open: No changes occur to the project.
  • Actual values: Actual start and end dates are reset. ASAP tasks begin when they can and that date is reflected in the actual start date. Start on tasks remain in the open state.